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Box Office Mojo

Friday the 13th (2009) makes $55 million worldwide opening weekend.

The biggest R rated horror movie release of all time.

With $43.6 million on approximately 4,000 screens at 3,105 sites over the four-day weekend, Friday the 13th skewered the starts of its franchise predecessors, over one and a half times the opening attendance of the series at its peak, and it handily out-grossed the debut of Halloween (2007). It also delivered the top-grossing opening for a horror remake and for a slasher movie and had the fourth highest President's Day weekend debut ever.

Harry Knowles reviews Friday the 13th (2009).

Harry Knowles just reviewed Friday the 13th (2009) and credits the film with the best Jason kill ever.

Friday the 13th (2009) 2:30


I storyboarded it, then directed 2nd unit.
Comes out in February so make sure you see it!

'Screenwriting for Hollywood' interview

An interview with Screenwriting for Hollywood.

Friday the 13th (2009) Teaser 1:34


I storyboarded it, then directed 2nd unit.
Comes out in February so make sure you see it!

Friday the 13th (2009) 1:18


I storyboarded it, then directed 2nd unit.
Comes out in February so make sure you see it!

Little Europe

Green Faced Lady

This is really an under-painting. Until I feel confident enough to paint color over her, she remains 'the green faced lady'.

Digital graphite

Digital paint

Bronze sculptures

Untitled, these 2 figures were mounted in a block of 120lbs of concrete mixed together with 60lbs of chocolate.


Drawing commercial storyboards is the bread and butter that's been holding my sandwich together.

Come Tomorrow music video

‘Come Tomorrow’ by Chicane

Treatment and Directed by Mark Yates
A suburban family secretly use the underground ‘online virtual fantasy’ game ‘Come Tomorrow’ in which you can be whoever you want.
Unknown to each other, they all interact with each other in the game.

It was also my directorial debut.



Selfishness is often masked by compassion.

Videotape on foam
24” x 30” x 16”



A problem with devastating consequences is often managed by denial.

Wool on chainsaw
11” x 34” x 10”



Enlightenment is often bought when it can only be constantly earned.

Dollar bills on wood
24” x 13” x 3”

Mental successes, literal failures.

Mummifications Series. Sculptures for the Solids Momentum show.
The relative freeze-frame of life today plays out on a world engaged in and committed to a momentum started long before our arrival and set to continue long after our demise. Human nature constantly struggles to take control of the unknown.
Mummification was part of an ancient process meant to halt the momentum of life becoming death. On a mental level it was successful. On a physical level it could only fail.

Life imitates art

I like to think I do artistic things. Here in the pursuit of creativity I put myself where the only direction is up and everything becomes an inspiration.